About Mapo-gu

A Greater and Happier Mapo through Communication and Innovation.


I will make Mapo-gu greater, happier through communication and innovation Welcome to the website of Mapo-gu.

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    A capital in the era of unification: Seoul's gateway and center for reconciliation between the two Koreas

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    A cluster of digital technology, a smart city area symbolized by Sangam DMC (Digital Media City)

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    A cultural and artistic, urban area centered around Hongik University, the home of individuality

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    An eco-friendly, green urban area with Gyeongui Line Forest Trail and World Cup Park

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    A historic city area where tradition thrives in various historic sites including Jeoldusan Shrine

These are expressions that best introduce and express the pride of Mapo-gu.

Mapo-gu has infinite potential for growth and I am extremely honored to serve the residents of Mapo-gu as the seventh popularly elected Mayor of Gu. I will do my best to fulfill my duties with a great sense of responsibility.

Mapo-gu is now ready for a new change and a leap into a higher level of development. Mapo-gu will become a district in which the residents can participate in policy making, lead a happy lives, and be the leaders of their communities.

‘With the conviction that the power to transform Mapo-gu comes from the residents’

I will always communicate with the citizens and seek answers in the field. I will always keep my office door open to all residents in order to listen to their voices, opinions, and ideas, which will become the foundation for a district administration that covers everything from life-friendly civil services to innovative administration of which other districts will be envious. I hope that all of you will continue to show interest in and affection for Mapo-gu while supporting the Mapo-gu Office through participation. I promise that I will be the "deliverer of dreams" to all the residents while acting as a strong shield protecting the citizens’ lives.

Thank you.

Mayor of Mapo-gu, Yoo Dong-gyun